Paseo El Carmen in Santa Tecla

Paseo El Carmen (‘El Carmen’ Walk) is Santa Tecla’s downtown new touristic destination. Six blocks have completely been renovated and turned into a new entertainment and cultural district.

During the afternoon the locals go for a peaceful stroll on the Paseo‘s wide sidewalks, sometimes with their dogs, and then gather for a  drink on its cafés.

When the bars and restaurants open at night those looking for a more vibrant atmosphere will find an excellent place to eat out or drink with friends.


A short video on the Paseo El Carmen by the Ministry of Tourism.

How to get there:
From San Salvador:  Take buses 101-A or 101-B westward towards Santa Tecla. Ask the driver to let you know when you are at the Damián bus stop and leave the bus there. That bus stop is located in front of the Damián Villacorta Public High School. Walk half a block westward towards the corner, and then turn right northward, walk two blocks and you’ll see the Paseo El Carmen on your left.

View Route from Damián Bus Stop to Paseo El Carmen. in a larger map

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El Rosario Church

“El Rosario” is a catholic church located in downtown San Salvador, known for the colorful stained-glass windows that light the church with the colors of the rainbow. Its silent interior contrasts with the chaotically busy San Salvador downtown.


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